Rooted In The Community, Experienced In The Courtroom, Dedicated To Racial Justice

I am attorney Dexter Wimbish. Our full-service law firm serves the Griffin community and communities across the state of Georgia. Over the past 29 years I have represented civil and criminal clients in more than two-thirds of the states’ 159 counties. Whether it’s Savannah or Rome, we understand that the fight for justice looms large outside of Interstate 285. At The Wimbish Law Firm, I work hard to represent my clients and protect their rights.

Serving the needs of clients in Griffin, Georgia and throughout the state in family law, personal injury, civil rights and criminal defense.

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A Record Of Service

Throughout my career, I have made it my goal to make sure that everyone receives fair treatment when facing legal issues. Through my work with groups like the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, for which I served as general counsel, and now as general counsel to the Southern Partners Fund, I strive to advance the cause of civil rights for everyone in my community.

I bring the same commitment to my work pursuing justice for those injured in car accidents and individuals accused of serious crimes. I also pursue fair settlements for my clients who are going through a divorce or other family law issues. At The Wimbish Law Firm, you will always deal directly with me. I will give you an honest assessment of your case and together we will address your situation.

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Dexter Wimbish

Standing Up For Your Rights

Everyone deserves the right to have an attorney represent their best interests whether they are facing criminal charges or seeking compensation for an injury suffered due to the negligence of another person. My experience as a municipal county judge gives me insight into how the judicial system works. I put that knowledge to work for my clients.

Being charged with a crime has far-reaching effects on your life. It can affect your job possibilities, your right to own a firearm and even your right to vote. You need a dedicated attorney on your side, fighting on your behalf and for your future. The same is true if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and are seeking compensation for your injuries. I will deal with the insurance companies, so you don’t have to.

Coping With Family Transitions